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  • L’Atelier Barcelona

    L’Atelier Barcelona

    L’Atelier Barcelona pastry shop and patisserie school is delight for lovers of all things sweet.

  • Rocambolesc (Barcelona)

    Rocambolesc (Barcelona)

    Rocambolesc on Barcelona’s Ramblas serves lollies and ice creams worth licking, based on desserts by superstar chef Jordi Roca. Bite-sized review: Rocambolesc ice-cream shop, Liceu opera house, La Rambla, Barcelona The Ramblas are ground zero of Barcelona’s tourism explosion. The shock-waves of undiscriminating diners that roll down the boulevard have scorched clean all traces of its gastronomic…

  • Conill al Romesco (Romesco Rabbit)

    Conill al Romesco (Romesco Rabbit)

    A rustic rabbit recipe from Catalonia that’s delicious enough to turn even bunny-phobes into finger-licking fans. Rabbit’s not what it used to be. The miserable, mass-produced specimens that line the chiller cabinets of Catalan supermarkets don’t have much to recommend them in terms of either flavour or farming ethics. I’ve talked about this before. You…

  • Making bread in Barcelona

    Making bread in Barcelona

    I don’t eat much bread. I love it, but it’s something I reserve for weekends and special occasions. When I do eat it, I want something as healthy and tasty as possible. Bread quality in Barcelona is on the up but the typical barra is tasteless stodge and pa de pages can be a hit-or-miss affair.…

  • Les Tres a la Cuina — something different in Gracia

    Les Tres a la Cuina — something different in Gracia

    When is a restaurant not a restaurant? Les Tres a la Cuina (Sant Lluis 35, Barcelona, +34 931054947, Facebook page) in the Gracia district of Barcelona has only a couple of tables and is set out more like a shop but it still represents an interesting choice for those wanting a quick, light lunch. The…

  • Organic Fruit and Vegetables Basket from Mumumío

    Organic Fruit and Vegetables Basket from Mumumío

    Spain may be Europe’s leading producer of organic goods but you’d never know it from looking in the shops. There’s nowhere near the same mainstream understanding of what ‘organic’ means, or what the benefits are, that is found in northern Europe. As a consequence over 80% of the best of what the country produces is…

  • Mmm…bacon!


    Last week I bought some organic pork belly from BioSpace (, C/ València 186, Barcelona) and set about making some bacon as an experiment. Nothing complicated, just rubbed in a cure of sea salt, black pepper, soft brown sugar and some crushed bay leaf, put into a big, airy tupperware in the fridge then turned,…

  • El Cabàs — “tot del camp”

    El Cabàs — “tot del camp”

    Breaking from the run of restaurant reviews I’ve been posting, this time I want to mention a noteworthy shop for those days when you’re doing the cooking yourself. Barcelona’s great in that — as well as its local covered markets — it has a proper, old-fashioned greengrocer on almost every city block. This makes access…

  • Reserva Ibérica — bargain breakfast

    Reserva Ibérica — bargain breakfast

    UPDATE: Reserva Iberica has now MOVED. It can be found nearby at Rambla de Catalunya, 61.  As this was thedoughball’s last day in Barcelona and she’d missed the escudella party on Saturday, we all met for a late breakfast/early lunch at Reserva Ibérica (C/ Aragó 242, Reserva Ibérica’s a great little ham shop with…