Reserva Ibérica — bargain breakfast

UPDATE: Reserva Iberica has now MOVED. It can be found nearby at Rambla de Catalunya, 61. 

As this was thedoughball’s last day in Barcelona and she’d missed the escudella party on Saturday, we all met for a late breakfast/early lunch at Reserva Ibérica (C/ Aragó 242,

Reserva Ibérica’s a great little ham shop with sidelines in wine and embutido.

They sell some of the very best jamón ibérico and you can sit and gorge yourself on it at the tables in the back. The staff are helpful and always friendly; the only criticism comes from the ladies in our group who always claim that it gets cold in there but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it myself.

Now for the most important point: Reserva Ibérica has one of the best offers in the city for those who want to try ibérico without blowing their budget — a flauta (small sandwich) of excellent ham, plus a glass of good red wine for €3.95. This offer stops at 12.30pm so either start your lunch early or consider it a stylish late breakfast. The wine here is often Giné Giné, a Penedes from Buil & Giné (; extremely drinkable and a perfect match for ham. Several long afternoons have been spent here in the agreeable pursuit of researching this for you…

If you’re considering a tapeo — tapas crawl — around the city, this is a good place to set off from. Alternatively, if you’re doing some gastro-shopping, snack here (and buy some of their ham)…

…then dig out your credit card and splurge yourself into debt at the two branches of Colmado Quilez on the other side of the road; one is maze of gourmet ingredients and local specialities — plus some booze — and the other is the best spirits emporium in the city. There’s even a kitchen gadgets shop now opened between them so if you want to go Christmas shopping for the foodie in YOUR life, this is the place to start.



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    Oooh, wish I’d discovered your blog before my last trip to Barcelona! Next year then!

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