The Blog Awakens…

This blogging year has not gone to plan. Life, work and family have taken more time and energy than anticipated. Something had to go – and unfortunately it was updates to FoodBarcelona. But things will soon change. 

The blog is waking up again. Like a flower in spring (or perhaps a hibernating bear with a sore head), there are signs of life. Bleary eyed and discombobulated, your heroic reviewer is drinking black coffee and starting afresh. There are some reviews already in the bag and many new visits are scheduled. The Barcelona restaurant scene has not stood still during my sabbatical so there’s lots to write about. Stay tuned…









One response to “The Blog Awakens…”

  1. Elle - Spain Buddy Avatar

    Woot! So pleased to hear you’ll be posting again. I love sharing your content with our own readers via the Social Networks. Best foodie blog in Barcelona imho.
    Happy dining!
    Elle xx

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