Puff pastry — masa de hojaldre

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to make it. Flaky pastry’s about as close as I come when home cooking.

No, this is more of a request for advice. Which brand should I buy?

I like to keep some puff pastry in the fridge or freezer for impromptu meals. At a push you can soften some onions in butter with some fresh thyme and spread it out on the pastry with some sliced cherry or tiger tomatoes and some goat’s cheese to make a passable, quick-and-easy tart for supper or a packed lunch. You can add some green peppers if you like, or forego the onions and hide some basil leaves under the tomatoes so they don’t burn. It’s not pizza; you won’t upset precious Italians or the food authenticity police by just using what’s in your fridge. Keeping it simple’s always a good idea, though.

The problem is the pre-made pastry. I buy “La Cocinera” which is a Nestlé brand. I don’t like buying stuff from Nestlé anyway and this stuff’s not good enough to assuage my conscience. It’s edible but little more than a flavourless base. What I’d like is butter flaky pasty, the kind you can buy in the UK. Is this sold in Spain? If anyone’s seen any, please let me know. I don’t go to many supermarkets but I’m always prepared to make a trip to pick up specific ingredients.







  1. Johanna Avatar

    Darn! I thought you were going to recommend something because I’ve been asking myself the same question. There’s another brand besides the one you mentioned but cannot remember the name. Was in Consum the other day, wondering which was best. Making it from scratch is such a pain!

    1. FoodBarcelona Avatar

      I can’t be bothered making it from scratch. I’ll do short or flaky pastry but that’s my limit. Let me know if you come across a decent commercial one…

  2. Juls Avatar

    I’m Spanish living in the UK, I think you’re looking for some puffy roll on pastry right, like the one in the UK, but you don’t want to use La cocinera, because is from Nestle. You got pastry from Giovanni Rana and Casa Tarradellas, pretty easy to find in any supermarket, but just in case, these links are from hipercor (el corte inglés supermarket)



    You got a few more choices, depending what you wan to cook:



    I hope it helps, I am after something equivalent to La cocinera pastry rounds to make Empanadillas in the UK and came across this web. 🙂

    1. FoodBarcelona Avatar

      Thanks! I’ll look for the Giovanni Rana brand. I’ve tried Casa Taradellas and it’s pretty much the same as La Cocinera. None of them seem to be butter-based, which is what really makes the difference.

  3. La Cala Catering Avatar
    La Cala Catering

    Does anyone know how to get hold of la cocinera in the uk?

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