New on FoodBarcelona: some tapas-sized reviews

In a perfect world I’d spend every lunchtime sitting in a wonderful Barcelona restaurant, taking notes and photos for the blog.

The sad reality is that I spend most lunchtimes hunched in front of my computer with a sandwich or a plate of leftovers, working through to meet my journalism or copywriting deadlines.

I have an ever-growing list of places that I’d like to try and limited opportunities to tick them off. That means that a lot of my old favourites, restaurants I discovered in the 13 years here before FoodBarcelona existed, are unlikely to get properly reviewed on here.

It seems a pity to not mention them, especially as many visitors use this site as a resource when planning their holiday dining.

So my plan is to occasionally post about those restaurants I know that are/used to be good but that I don’t have time (or funds) to revisit and review fully. Don’t blame me if they’re not what they used to be, or closed, or the chef’s lost his mind and gone off to flip burgers somewhere. These things happen — so always search for recent reviews as well.

But hopefully I can steer you towards some enjoyable meals at places that have fed me well in the past.






2 responses to “New on FoodBarcelona: some tapas-sized reviews”

  1. azahar Avatar

    Ufff, you don’t have to tell me. The Sevilla Tapas blog has been running for over five years now and there were many times it was put aside due to RL issues. Like you, I don’t earn a bean off the blog, and so it does become a question of prioritising where you can best spend your time and money.

    Have you had any luck with your Donate button? Nobody has used mine yet.

  2. FoodBarcelona Avatar

    Ha! No. It went up more in hope than expectation, to be fair. I get a reasonable amount of visitors, considering the niche market nature of the subject matter, so I thought I may as well have a button on the off chance of somebody feeling generous after I’ve sent them somewhere wonderful.

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