Adéu a Núvola Cafe

I learned yesterday that one of the establishments featured in this blog, Núvola Cafe, has recently closed its doors for good.

This is a great pity. I was last there in early December and I know from the feedback I’ve received through this site that plenty of you went there and enjoyed it.

If you know a restaurant or cafe in Barcelona you that like, tell people. Tell your friends, tell me, tell other food bloggers, put it on Twitter or post it on Facebook. Good places need all the help and support they can get at the moment.







  1. curiouseater Avatar

    hello, just found you blog and really really like it. We used to visit Barcelona every year but stopped when we had a son. Now he is nearly three we are thinks if venturing back and it’s reassuring to find a blog that writes about child friendly places that serve good food. I love the chickpeas and xuxus at pinotxo, embat and paco meralgo. I am interested in your opinion as to whether places like gresca, coure and other bistronomica places are do able with a well behaved toddler? Love cremeria Toscana too and bubo. My mouth was watering just reading your blog.Thanks!

    1. FoodBarcelona Avatar

      Hi — glad you enjoy the blog! The biggest problem with taking a toddler to the places you mention is not one of being unwelcome but of simply not being able to physically fit. They’re generally *very* small and there is absolutely nowhere to park a pushchair or pram. If you want to risk it I’d say limit yourself to midweek lunchtimes and ask in advance or at the very least make sure you mention it when you book.

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